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Silent Hunter 5 1.2 Patch Crack scrlynl




Visible to nobody but the party members... But you can hear him! ===7.2== WELCOME, GUY! === =================================================== I have released the version 7.2 of the mod. This is the first update since 10 months. This version includes a new character! Added a character named...Viktor? I have removed the character Strider from the mod. He was no longer needed and didn't have a purpose anymore. This was also a reason why I didn't do a version of "silent hunter" to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the game "silent hunter 2". Since I had not much time to prepare this version and have already been working on "silent hunter 5" for quite a while, I decided to released a patch. - THE BIG NEW: This update adds a new character to the game. The character, Viktor (named after me) is a great and loyal companion. He is the leader of the party of hunters. Viktor takes care of the supply line to the locations and can also be used as a support unit. You can view his stats at the end of the chapter "the big new". ===DOWNLOAD=== If you want to download the new version, go to the main page of this mod. There you will find a download button. Or you can simply copy the URL "" into your browser and press the "GET"-button. Or use the "Share" function of your browser to send




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Silent Hunter 5 1.2 Patch Crack scrlynl

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